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Renault Clio I
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  Renault Clio I
Clio z silnikiem Laguny 1.6 16V '96

The K4M-rebuild of my Clio1 Phase3: The reason, why I didn´t install a "normal" 1,8l 16V (F7P) was, that it´s impossible to get such an engine homologized by the TÜV in Germany, because the exhaust quality must be better or the same, the original engine had. My Clio was equipped with the 1,2l econ engine (D7F) which meets the Euro3-norm. The old 1,8l 16V in the best case only has E2. Because of this, I needed an engine with more power, but also with D3 or better D4-norm. Last year I heard of a crashed Laguna Grandtour with the 1,6l 16V-Motor (K4M) that meets already Euro4-norm. The engine didn´t run 20.000km at all. The question was now, would it fit into my car??? Now I can say it did! Once again the base car: 1996 Clio 1,2 Campus phase3, 40kW/55hp, with ABS.

Now the biggest modifications: Engine without air-conditioning compresser, power-steering pump and the tightening roller. Now wedge-rib-belt from a R5 1,5D. Left upper engine bearing from a Clio2 1,6 16V, with an aluminium adapter 20mm lifted, Gr.-N. torque-support from the old Cup Clio 16V. Pre- und main-catalytic converter like stock, but contection hose shortened. Middle-silencer from Clio RSI, Remus rear-silencer. Modified Wiechers steel strut brace, normally for Clio1 16V. Intake noise absorber replaced by a flexible 90mm tube. Gear-box from a Clio 1,4 RT. Radiator from a Clio1 1,4, with the original Laguna-fan. Front brakes: Vented ATE power-discs, 238mm, from Clio RSI, with the ATE pads.

Oliver Seegmüller (

¬ródło: Katriina Renault Center

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